Dunkirk: beware of fraudulent canvassing in the name of Health Insurance

Health Insurance calls for caution due to phishing campaigns.

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Two text messages arrived almost simultaneously in the middle of the night, from two different mobile numbers, but with the same subject: Health Insurance invites you to fill out a form to receive your new vital card. For several weeks, malicious people have usurped the identity of the Health Insurance and invited the people contacted to complete a form with personal data, such as the bank card number, under the pretext of receiving a reimbursement of care or paying shipping costs for sending a new Vitale card.


These are actually scams whose objective is to steal personal information, including banking information, to make fraudulent use of it. L’Assurance Maladie recalls that it never asks for the transmission, by email or SMS, of personal elements (bank details, medical information, social security number, or password). Only exchanges of information via the ameli account are secure.

Risks of usurpation

To make sure that a message comes from Health Insurance, just check that its sender address is health insurance@info.ameli.fr. It is recommended to go to the Health Insurance website, or to the ameli application from your mobile phone or tablet to connect securely to your account.

Health Insurance has also noted fraudulent calls and messages relating to the new digital service My health space. These claim to want ” Help create My Health Space
“. The risks of identity theft are high. Tax number, connection identifiers, etc. to connect to the accounts of other administrations, such as taxes, are not requested by the Health Insurance, whether by telephone or by email.

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