duo convicted of trying to steal the judge’s motorcycle in court

Two young people were sentenced on Friday by the British judge for trying to steal a judge’s motorcycle in the enclosure of a court in London.

The case goes back to April 16, 2021. On that day, in the early afternoon, the two youths, then minors, accompanied by a third suspect, who has not been identified, arrived on a moped in the early afternoon.-dinner at Snaresbrook Court, London Police said in a statement.

They then attempt to steal the BMW motorcycle valued at £15,000 (€17,500), an attempt described as “shameless and daring“by the police. A security guard tries to intervene before being led on the run by one of the would-be thieves, who will brandish a machete and take refuge inside the building.

While pushing the motorcycle, they got stuck in the courthouse, the gates of which had been closed by security. They then left everything at the site, including their grinder, before fleeing on foot by climbing the gates.

Arrested on 27 May 2021, the two young people, now aged 18 and 19, were sentenced on Friday. One received 21 months’ probation, 25 days of rehabilitation activities and a three-month curfew under an electronic bracelet. The other was subject to an educational order for 18 months and must carry out 12 hours of community service. Each was ordered to pay 500 pounds sterling (583 euros) each to the judge.


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