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Dwayne Johnson offers to save Britain from chaos by becoming Prime Minister

What if Dwayne Johnson replaces Liz Truss as UK Prime Minister? In any case, the American actor seems delighted with the idea, as he obviously pays close attention to British news. And what could be more normal for a credible candidate, in the eyes of a majority of Americans, for the highest mandate than to take an interest in the political life of his neighbors?

It has to be said that what the UK has offered us since the Brexit campaign voted in the 2016 referendum and its exit from the EU in January 2020 is surprising to say the least. Between the humiliations Theresa May has suffered, Boris Johnson’s “partygate” scandals and now Liz Truss’ bottomless promises, there is reason to be cautious.

If he’s not (yet) struggling to settle into 10 Downing Street and spend his evenings there with cat boss mouse hunter Larry, Dwayne Johnson is in London promoting his new superhero movies, black adam. Invited by Sky News during this tour, the actor from Fast and furious launched straight to the chain: “Are you ready for another Johnson as prime minister? Maybe a rock prime minister? »


His proposal comes as the country has its fourth finance minister in four months and its third prime minister in four years. Liz Truss took office less than a month and a half ago, appointed by her party to replace Boris Johnson, himself sacked by his peers after the “partygate” scandal.

In just over 40 days in power – 10 of which were when the institutions followed the national mourning following the death of Queen Elizabeth II – the new prime minister has literally managed to crash the country’s economy by presenting his “mini-budget”, drawn up by Kwasi Kwarteng , then Minister of Finance.

It must be said that it was daring: borrowing billions of pounds to cut taxes (especially on the richest) with no guarantee or repayment plan, other than the hope that the trickle-down theory finally works.

Inevitably, the banks did not follow through – even though the tax cuts benefited them – causing an unprecedented financial crisis of which the people are the first victims. Inflation has topped 10%, mortgage rates have risen, the pound has crashed, pensions are in trouble and rising energy prices have not been managed by his predecessor, Boris Johnson, is freewheeling. Liz Truss had announced a cap on gas and electricity prices and £400 for all UK households over the next two years. But without funding, his new Chancellor of the Exchequer, Jeremy Hunt, put the kibosh on it and cut aid to six months.

So given the situation, we wonder, across the channel, what could be worse Dwayne Johnson…



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