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Early Black Friday: Amazon cuts the price of its Echo Dot 3 by 40%

Good deal Early Black Friday: Amazon cuts the price of its Echo Dot 3 by 40%

Black Friday is coming soon and promotions are already starting to rain! And there it is, one of the flagship products of the famous online site, Amazon, which is offered at a particularly attractive price!

Amazon is the reference website for online sales. Whether it’s clothing, console accessories, PCs, or even video games, Amazon manages to offer a catalog that’s both exhaustive and competitively priced!

But Amazon also has its own line of products, and among them are the connected speakers from the Echo Dot series.

And currently the 3rd generation Echo Dot, the Echo Dot 3 is being offered at 40% off! Launched at nearly €50, this connected speaker has dropped below the €30 mark!

Buy Echo Dot 3 for €29.99 at Amazon

Connected objects have become more and more widespread over time. Many items and accessories, with this connected aspect, can now work together. By correctly programming your various devices, you can thus save energy on your heating, control the environment in your home, etc.

However, one can quickly find oneself lost with all that is possible to do with the connected devices. With the Echo Dot, however, you can slowly start getting started.

Echo Dot 3 is a connected speaker that is easily controlled by voice. Equipped with the Alexa voice assistant, the Echo Dot is able to answer you and, above all, help you with many topics. For example, writing down a shopping list, choosing your podcast or your favorite music, Echo Dot can do all these things.

And if you add other connected devices, you’ll be able to control them all with your voice. Lights, shutters, security systems and others will be much easier to control!

In addition to this, the Amazon Echo Dot 3 has a simple and clean design that will easily fit into your interior.

Buy Echo Dot 3 for €29.99 at Amazon

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