easily customize the system environment in Windows 10 or 11

Video Conference Mute allows you to mute your computer’s microphone and camera using the Win+Shift+Q shortcut. This tool takes precedence over any running conference calls or video conferencing applications.

Shortcut Wizard is launched using the Win+Shift+/ combination and displays all available shortcuts, depending on the state of the desktop.

Activating Text Extractor with the shortcut Win+Shift+T copies text displayed on the screen. This tool only works with languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat have the OCR language pack.

To quickly access accented characters, simply enable the PowerToys Quick Accent feature. Therefore, by holding down the key for the selected character and then pressing the spacebar, the user can select the desired accented character.

The measurement of pixels on your screen, from the edges of the selected image, is possible thanks to the screen ruler tool. The latter is launched with the key combination Win+Shift+M.

PowerToys Run allows you to instantly launch an application. To open the tool, it is enough to use the shortcut Alt+Space and then start typing the name of the desired application. This feature also works for searching folders and files. It can also indicate the various running processes. It is also possible to execute system commands, start the calculator, convert units and open the Internet browser via PowerToys Run.

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