Echo Dot 3rd Gen Set + Connected Bulbs for a low price at Amazon

The set of 3rd generation Echo Dot and the connected bulbs costs €34.98.

To modernize your home, here is a piece of equipment that should interest you. At Amazon is set with Echo Dot 3rd generation and its Philips Hue White connected bulbs costs €34.98 instead of €53.97.

Pack Echo Dot + Philips Hue White bulbs cheaper before Black Friday

From 25 November you can take advantage of the good Black Friday offers. Starting now, you can start making big savings by purchasing this bundle that includes Echo Dot 3rd generation and Philips Hue White connected bulbs. In fact, it’s all currently at €34.98 instead of €53.97.

The pebble-shaped Echo Dot allows you to control your various connected devices by simple voice command. Thanks to the connected speaker, you can choose your songs, call your contacts or send them messages if they also have the same device.

As for the bulbs, you need to know that you need the Hue bridge to connect them and use them together. This allows you to create the desired atmosphere in your interior and change the colors at will.

To find out more, here is the guide to the best connected bulbs that will advise you on your purchase.

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