“Eclipse glasses”: watch out for these non-protective glasses on Amazon

We can never say it enough: You should not look at the Sun with the naked eye or with sunglasses. Pay close attention to products linked to the word “eclipse” on Amazon, because the platform has put forward glasses that do not protect the eyes in case of observing the star. After our questions, an investigation was opened and the results started to change.

Do you want to see the solar eclipse on Tuesday 25 October 2022 from 11 a.m. but you haven’t bought any glasses to protect yourself yet? Pay close attention to what you find on e-commerce platforms.

By performing a search with the keywords “eclipse glasses” on the best known, Amazon, we noticed that the vast majority of products offered on October 24, 2022, including those mentioned in the headlines, on no way was protective for the eyes in case of a solar eclipse observation.

Worse, they can give the impression of false security and encourage the public to stare at the Sun and think they are safe.

A search
A search for “eclipse glasses” on Amazon.fr on October 24, 2022 at 17.00 mainly offered glasses that do not protect when looking directly at the sun.

Of the seven products that we saw displayed in the first two rows of search results on amazon.fr, four were clearly sunglasses that are not intended to be used as glasses for observing an eclipse. The ATTCL brand that markets them also talks about glasses with polarized lenses, but nothing to suggest that it is possible to look directly at the Sun.

Customer safety is a top priority, and our goal is that customers can shop with confidence in our stores. “Replied a spokesperson for Amazon, who quickly took our report into consideration.” We have initiated investigations and if a product or research result is found to be non-compliant we will take appropriate action. » Of this note: after our inquiry we were able to ascertain that the ATTCL mark was no longer presented in connection with the word « eclipse However, other non-approved glasses still stood out, such as basic sunglasses or ski goggles.

If we roll still a little, there are also protective glasses ” laser hair removal and clear safety glasses – needless to say, they’re not protective either.

After our questions, research on keywords
After our question, searches for the keywords “eclipse glasses” no longer returned the same products // Source: Screenshot of October 24, 2022 at 19.00.

Looking at the sun with sunglasses causes even more intense burns than with the naked eye

You must follow very specific rules to observe the sun safely. First, you should never look directly at the star without protection.

Sunglasses should also be banned. They are not made to look directly at it,” because they do not block infrared radiation “, as explained by the Paris Observatory. Worse, “ wearing sunglasses increases the intensity of the burn “, we can also read on another side of the observatory. ” As the light intensity is filtered by the glasses, the pupil of the eye dilates and the amount of infrared light entering the eye is greater, resulting in an even more intense burn. »

Unfortunately, these are still the ones most highlighted by Amazon France when you search for “eclipse glasses”. However, the description of the products does not mention eclipse (except for certain models of a brand that borrows this name, and which of course is correctly positioned).

We checked on other platforms: eBay does much better and only offers glasses with filters that are supposed to meet CE standards. AliExpress, for its part, offers a selection of some glasses that appear to be up to standard, but also products that seem of really poor quality – it must be said that the platform is known to host products of very varying quality .

In any case, for this type of product, which requires a high degree of protection, we advise you to go to pharmacies or specialty stores instead of fast online sales sites, where you will find it difficult to ensure the quality before receiving the item.

A search on Ebay gives more likely results
A search on Ebay gives more likely results.

A doggo that respects the safety instructions.  // Source: Canva

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