Economic flash Advanced countries – Activity grew in Q2 in the UK

IN USAactivity fell on the 2nde quarter of 2022 (-0.1% after -0.4%) according to BEA’s third estimate. US household confidence rose in September (108.0 after 103.6). In August, consumption rose (+0.1% after -0.1%), while orders for durable goods fell (−0.2% after -0.1%). In July, property prices in the US fell according to the FHFA (−0.6% after +0.1%) and the S&P 20 (−0.4% after +0.2%) indices. The United KingdomGDP, previously subject to revisions, rose in Q2e quarter according to the second ONS estimate (+0.2% against –0.1% before revision). In Japan, the industrial production index rose in August (+2.1% after +0.7%). Unemployment on Japan rose slightly in August (2.5% after 2.6%), while remaining stable in the euro area (6.6% after 6.6%) and in Germany (3.0% after 3.0%), and decline in Italy (7.8% after 7.9%). Inflation is picking up again in the euro area in September according to the estimate flash Eurostat (+10.0% after +9.1%), which in Germany (+10.9% after +8.8%), while we observe a decrease in Spain (+9.3% after +10.5%). The European Commission’s economic sentiment indicator falls in September for the euro area (+93.7 after +97.3). In Germany, The IFO survey indicates a worsening of the business climate in September (75.2 after 80.5).

UK GDP revisions

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