eighth child dies of strep A infection

On the other side of the channel, the number of sick children linked to this bacteria is four times higher than in previous years. No scientific explanation has yet emerged.

Streptococcus A, the bacteria that mostly cause mild infections in humans, has just claimed a new victim in the UK. A child from south-east England recently died from an infection caused by the bacteria, reveals The independentbringing the number of victims under the age of 13 to 8 in the space of a few weeks across the Channel.

“Tragically, we have learned of the death of a child who attended our school after being diagnosed with a strep A infection. We are completely devastated by the death of this young student and extend our sincere condolences to his family,” said Alison Syred-Paul, director of the institution where the young victim was educated, in Waterlooville, in south-east England.

It is this region of the country that is currently most affected by the resurgence of streptococcal A infections. A total of 85 cases have been reported. Across England, cases of Strep A infections are four times higher this year compared to previous years.

Call for parental vigilance

These bacteria cause mild infections in most cases, including angina. But when they reach the bloodstream, they can be deadly. The South East England branch of the UK Health Safety Agency (UKHSA) reminded parents of the right actions to take, and in particular the importance of impeccable hygiene.

“It is important for parents to be aware of the symptoms and to see a doctor as soon as possible so that their child can be treated and that we prevent the disease from becoming serious,” added Trish Mannes, regional director of the ‘agency’. .

A 12-year-old child died in south London on Friday. In the British capital, the subject is taken seriously. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s offices have indicated that the NHS, the universal health system across the Channel, is ready to deal with a surge in cases.

Death of a girl in Landes

In France, a three-year-old girl in Landes died on November 28 from strep throat associated with streptococcus A.

“In 99% of cases, there are no problems with angina. But in some cases, the disease can degenerate and can affect vital functions. There it was”, emphasized at France Bleu Didier Couteaud, deputy director of the Landes ARS.

On its website, the Institut Pasteur reminds that streptococcal infections A and B “are frequent” but only cause symptoms under “certain conditions”. Their transmission occurs by inhaling droplets of secretions from the throat and nose of sick people.

The resurgence of cases observed in the United Kingdom has not yet been explained by the scientific community, and no new strain of the bacterium has been identified. The lack of immune confrontation with bacteria during the confinements caused by the Covid-19 pandemic may constitute a possible explanation.

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