Elon Musk in the sights of the Biden administration

In the event of a takeover of Twitter, Elon Musk plans to fire three quarters of the social network’s employees. Robert Galbraith/REUTERS

DESCRIPTION – The latest positions from the owner of SpaceX would prompt the White House to act.

Will the arrival of Elon Musk as the new owner of Twitter be synonymous with a social cleansing for this network? The head of Tesla and SpaceX would plan to lay off three-quarters of employees, or more than 5,500 people, according to the US daily washington post. The businessman, along with his potential investors, would have judged “important” this massive reduction in costs ($800 million) to achieve its goals. He wants Twitter to diversify its income and eventually accumulate 1 billion users, up from 230 million currently. In the name of one “greater freedom of speech”, Elon Musk would not hesitate to cut into the platform’s content moderation team. To the chagrin of the Democratic Party, associations and many citizens who, on the contrary, expect Twitter to succeed in better combating misinformation and hate speech.

Elon Musk’s unpredictable behavior is today in the eyes of the administration…

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