Elon Musk’s 6 failures before Twitter

Everything seemed to be smiling for Elon Musk until the takeover of Twitter, which turned into an infernal spiral. But everything has not always been rosy for the billionaire.

Elon Musk // Source: Daniel Oberhaus

At the start of 2022, Elon Musk was still the richest man in the world. Tesla knew a record capitalization, SpaceX managed to send rockets into space and bring them back intact… Suffice it to say that the billionaire was seen as a historical figure by many people for his unabashed successes. But that was before he became one of techno bros “the most hated in the world.

The failure of Twitter

As early as April 2022, Elon Musk will buy up millions of Twitter shares before finally making a buyout offer. A real showdown followed, where the owner of Tesla tried to back down, to find excuses and found himself in court, forced to pay 44 billion dollars for ” to release“the blue bird.

This circus ended in October, giving way to a new infernal maelstrom for the company, its employees and its users. A large part of the payroll was closed, a large number of providers were let go, the certification was paid, then disappeared, then returned to gold, and now square for companies, journalists were banned, and Elon Musk turns out to be as tyrannical as he is. indecisive.

During this time, the businessman cares much less about his other businesses, which is criticized by many shareholders who see the share price drop significantly. All indications are that Elon Musk voluntarily makes the worst decisions every day, which takes him very far from the pictureworked his way up from the bottom(with the help of his father’s emeralds) who turns everything he touches into gold.

But this image was already very flattering, since what some call “Space Karenhas experienced several failures in his life. Here is an anthology.

The day he was fired from his own company

We will pass on the day when, still young, he went to Netscape (a company that was recruiting with a vengeance at the time), his resume in hand, and he waited in the lobby, not daring to approach anyone. He ended up leaving without submitting his resume and starting his own company, Zip2, which he sold to Compaq for several million dollars. Instead, let’s start the story from X.com, his online banking company founded shortly after.

Even then, he was known for his outbursts that were capable of turning red when his collaborators went at When X.com merged with its competitor Confinity (merger that would later give rise to PayPal), not everyone was happy. As Musk cooed to Sydney on his honeymoon, X.com employees conspired to oust him by convincing the board to appoint Peter Thiel as the company’s CEO.

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He still remained with the company (then PayPal) by keeping his shares. He collected 180 million during the eBay takeover.

Tesla delays

Tesla hasn’t always been the booming business it is today (or it was at the start of the year). In its early days, the company came close to bankruptcy several times due to its significant investments and overly timid revenues. Until recently, Elon Musk himself explained that Covid had dealt a serious blow to Tesla’s activity. Business lockdowns in China have cost its Gigafactory in Texas and Berlin thousands, if not millions, of dollars.

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But what has impressed consumers is the repeated delays. Not only has the American manufacturer suffered from several delivery and production delays, but since 2014 its big guru has announced the arrival of the 100% autonomous car. The one that no longer needs a driver at all and can function as a robot taxi. Elon Musk predicted more than a million on our roads by 2020.

Since 2014, Elon Musk has repeated his promise every year: “100% autonomous driving at Tesla is coming next year“. In May 2022, he repeated it again. By the end of the year, however, he was already less confident. We can therefore imagine that he will renew his promise in 2023…

Cybertruck 100% bulletproof broken on stage

This failure is more fun than anything else. In 2019, Elon Musk took the stage to unveil the Cybertruck, this electric pickup with a futuristic look. The effect “wowis there, the room is in awe of this very special vehicle, unlike anything else in circulation. We can say that it is a real success, until the moment when the director of Tesla’s design staff wants to prove the solidity of his new baby.

The first test was quite convincing: the large sledgehammer given to the door of the pickup did not scratch it. The second test was a pétanque ball that was thrown into the side window and had to bounce. Only presumed.

Surprised by the result, Elon Musk and him start the operation again… and smash the rear window. A major embarrassing moment for the two men who would achieve a tour de force.

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The next day, Elon Musk will explain that the sledgehammer in the door weakened the window… But that doesn’t explain why the other one also broke. Well, anyway, pickup has been delayed again and won’t be released until 2023, enough to go through this little issue.

The Hyperloop tunnel

Creating self-driving cars, sending people to Mars… these are crazy projects where Elon Musk has nevertheless advanced the latest. He also set himself another challenge: to destroy the corks. His idea? A Hyperloop! At first it was a new form of transport, both ecological and faster than the plane, which in theory was able to reach more than 1100 km/h. In theory.

In practice, the realization turned out to be much more difficult than expected, even by pooling the efforts of several companies. The transport of people was finally abandoned in 2022.

Elon Musk’s anti-traffic jam project eventually turned into an automated tunnel. A fairly revolutionary project on paper that turned into hell for claustrophobes causing… traffic jams.

Monkeys killed “but without cruelty”

Another company of Elon Musk that makes a little less talk about it: Neuralink. Its purpose is to allow transhumanism with chips implanted in the brain and connected to electronic devices to control them by thought.

Of course, to carry out such a program, Neuralink did not directly open the skull box of a human to install a Bluetooth chip, but began its studies on macaque monkeys. But studies seem to show that the tests were a little too hasty,”causing unnecessary suffering and deathIn total, it concerns 1,500 animals that the company would have euthanized.

Neuralink denies this and states that all experiments were conducted within a framework “usual“in accordance with the laws of the United States on the subject and”cruelty free“. A federal investigation is currently underway to determine the veracity of these remarks.

His tweets accompanied by a legal team

As we know, Elon Musk tends to tweet what he thinks rather quickly. A little too much sometimes. The problem comes when he talks about his companies and his millions of followers are interested in what he says, whether to invest or not. If it participated in the rise of certain cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Dogecoin, it also made the Tesla share price very volatile.

This attitude ended up irritating some of them, and especially at the SEC (theSecurities and Exchange Commission, which regulates the stock market on Wall Street). Assessing that the owner of Tesla manipulated the market, the SEC ended up getting from Elon Musk that his Twitter activity was verified in advance by legal advisors. On the verge of putting parental controls on your phone…

What this tells us about Elon Musk

In short, you will have understood it, Elon Musk’s course is not a SpaceX rocket in the direction of Mars, but rather a rather hectic roller coaster. And we have only mentioned his professional life here, his personal life is just as chaotic.

Yet he bounced back from a large number of his mistakes to emerge brilliantly (and despotically). But what will become of Twitter? Will his endurance manage to match his authoritarian and erratic character? Only the future will tell us.

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