ElonJet is banned but rises from the ashes as ElonJetNexDay

The Twitter account that relayed the location of Elon Musk’s private jet was banned from the platform last week. Regardless, its creator brought it back to life from its ashes: it’s now called ElonJetNexDay. How long will he survive?

A jet plane against the background of the rising sun / Credit: 123rf

Jack Sweeney, the creator of the @ElonJet account on Twitter, was banned a week ago by the CEO of the platform himself, under the pretext that the published information endangered his life and that of his family. Indeed, the young student has found a way around the criticism leveled at him. Instead of following the routes of this world’s largest aircraft in near real time, @ElonJetNexDay indicates their position the day before. It is still so informative.and no one can accuse him of divulging sensitive information anymore.

Jack Sweeney, who is barely 20 years old, rose to prominence in early 2022 after creating a bot that relayed the position of Elon Musk’s private jet live on Twitter. The young man was a big fan of the businessman Canadian. When the latter had contacted him to ask him to stop his actions, Me Sweeney had demanded compensation of €45,000 or payment in kind in the form of an internship at SpaceX or a Model 3 of You’re here. Their exchanges had stopped there.

ElonJetNexDay provides the exact position of Elon Musk’s private jet… as of the previous day

Elon Musk has not forgotten the cautious youngster. He banned all his accounts on false grounds. Although this exclusion has causing @ElonJet to lose more than 500,000 followers, it didn’t take long for him to rise from the ashes as @ElonJetNexDay . Despite this, his bot @ElonJet has found refuge on the growing social network, Mastodon, on which he has already amassed more than 67,000 followers.

The answer to the question “Should I stay at the helm of Twitter?” asked directly to the community could not be clearer: it is 57% yes. The members of Twitter, as well as the commercial partners of Twitter, SpaceX and Tesla would be grateful to him: the atmosphere becomes unspiritual around Twitter, and the share price of these companies plummets day after day.

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