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employers convinced by the test

70 UK companies and their 3,300 employees have been testing the four-day week, with no loss of pay, since June 2022. Initial feedback is largely positive, according to a survey published on Wednesday 21 September by the 4 Day Association. Week Global, on the initiative of this large-scale experiment.

Increased employee well-being…

Among other things, we learn that 88% of the companies are so far satisfied with this new work pace, and that 86% of them plan to maintain it beyond the six-month test period. And this regardless of the size of their company or their sector of activity.

Employers see it as a means of attracting and retaining their employees by offering them a day of relaxation to better reconcile professional activity and private life. Without sacrificing business performance.

No negative impact on productivity

Similar to what had been observed in other countries that had experimented with the four-day week (Spain, Iceland, Belgium, etc.), working one day less per week would not affect employee productivity. On the contrary. On the other side of the channel, almost half of the test subjects observe a maintenance of the level of productivity, a third believe that it has improved slightly, and 15% even confirm that it has increased significantly.

“The four-day week has been a big hit for us so far: productivity has remained high, with team wellbeing increasing and financial performance up 44%,” testifies Claire Daniels, director of Trio Media, a Leeds marketing agency participating in the experiment.

For 29% of respondents, the transition went smoothly. However, some point to certain difficulties with the implementation, such as Nicci Russell, executive director of the NGO Waterwise: “We all had to make an effort, some weeks are harder to organize than others, especially during holidays. But we all love this extra day of rest that allows us to get back to the office in great shape! It significantly improves our well-being and our productivity levels. »



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