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Employment: In the UK, companies are testing the 4-day week



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M.Boisseau, M.Septembre, T.Cuny, C.Madini, C.Dubrul, M.Bradhsaw, N.Boothby, L.Soudre – France 2

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The UK is testing the 4-day week on a large scale. 60 companies and 3,000 employees are participating in the experiment. Employees don’t lose money, but are supposed to be more productive.

One less working day, one more day off, is this the solution to winning back British workers? The labor market in Great Britain is affected by the lack of labour. A solidarity bank is one of the 70 companies that have discovered the four-day week since last June. A revolution for employees who have kept 100% of their pay and take an extra day, provided they are not absent at the same time. The company is thus open five days a week. “We didn’t want to penalize our customers”Edward explains Siegelmanaging director of charity bank (tonbridge).

The management also promised the employees that the days would no longer be catch-up. The bet is currently being held. Time management and productivity have improved. “Communication between colleagues is now much more efficient, for example we wonder if we really need to have a meeting or if it can be solved by email or a phone call”details Samantha Coppin DerbyPersonnel advisor at charity bank. Sometimes alone, the director claims not to be bothered by the situation and takes advantage of himself to play sports or be with his family. In a gastronomic establishment, the 4-day week has definitely been adopted by the chef, who makes sure that it even works economically. He compensated by increasing the coverages by 20%.

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