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Energy crisis: In England, they already know when and at what times the electricity will be cut off in the country

If the outlook is not good in Europe on the electricity supply front, it is worse in the UK.

The UK’s main energy supplier, National Grid, has already prepared Britons for blackouts next winter.

If the situation looks complicated in the European countries, it will be much worse in the UK, which is suffering from several crises at the same time.

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But these days, National Grid has been fine-tuning its predictions and has been able to establish a timetable for cuts with some precision. Because in the UK the question is not if there will be blackouts, but when they will.

And to this question National Grid replied that it is in January February that the situation will be the most tense and that the supply of electricity and gas will be disrupted for households. The two coldest months of the year.

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And the supplier to also indicate that it is between 16.00 and 19.00., on those days there will be the greatest chance of seeing massive fallout. Where consumption is the most intense during cold periods.

The Sun recalls that in the event of a cut, Britain would be in a situation unprecedented in the country since … the 1970s. A shame for a society that is supposedly on the cusp of progress.

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