England is no longer a predominantly Christian nation

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The 2021 British census also shows a strong increase in people calling themselves atheists. The number of Muslims has doubled in ten years.

From our correspondent in London, Marc Roche

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PFor the first time in its thousand-year history, England (and Wales) is no longer a nation with a Christian majority: this is the astonishing conclusion of the 2021 census published on 29 November by the British National Institute of Statistics. According to the survey, the population who defined themselves as Christian, all faiths combined, rose to 46%, compared to 59% in the previous census, in 2011. In addition, the white population in the two main cities of the kingdom, London and Birmingham, has decreased to under 40%, signs of the development of the multicultural society across the Channel.

The biggest surprise of the census is the sharp increase in those who define themselves as atheists (37.2% against 25%) in a country where Anglicanism is the religious…

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