Fall for this alternative to the Dyson stick vacuum for just 89.90 euros at Amazon

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The quality of Dyson vacuum cleaners goes hand in hand with their sometimes expensive price. But Amazon offers you a stick vacuum similar to Dyson, for less than 100 euros, which benefits from a 50% reduction. This is the H. Koenig stick vacuum cleaner, which costs 89.90 euros instead of 179 euros at Amazon for a limited time. This model is reminiscent of Dyson vacuums with its sleek, slim design that easily fits under low furniture and can be lifted to vacuum cobwebs from the ceiling. Its brush reaches hard-to-reach places and allows you to clean your entire house quickly. The H. Koenig stick vacuum cleaner is number 1 in sales on Amazon thanks to its performance equal to Dyson and its price cut in half and less than 100 euros. Already more than 9,000 internet users have rated this model.

Experience a compact, practical and complete stick vacuum cleaner. It is versatile and can be used as a hand vacuum cleaner. Its motorized brush is compatible with all types of floors. You can also use it to clean your fabric surfaces such as sofas and car seats. The H. Koenig vacuum cleaner, similar to Dyson, but at a reduced price, works with 2 speeds. It gives you 35 minutes of continuous suction without a drop in speed. You can recharge it on its docking station, which attaches to the wall, just like the Dyson models. You get storage space. The H. Koenig stick vacuum cleaner contains a hygienic waste collector, which you simply empty into the bin when you are finished. You do not come into contact with the dust.

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