Far right in Italy, political crisis in Great Britain and considerations of peace in Ukraine … The informed of franceinfo of Saturday, October 22, 2022

Around Olivier de Lagarde, the informed discuss the news on Saturday 22 October.

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The themes

Giorgia Meloni. In Italy, the new far-right government Giorgia Meloni has been sworn in. What will its foreign policy look like? What will be the consequences in Italy?

United Kingdom. The resignation of Prime Minister Liz Truss plunges the country further into a deep political crisis.

Peace in Ukraine. Emmanuel Macron goes to Italy to talk about this horizon with Vatican diplomacy.

Congress of the Communist Party of China. Is an escalation of tensions with China inevitable?

The informed

Philip Turle, international columnist for France 24, British journalist.

Chiara Piotto, correspondent for Sky TG24 in Paris.

Bogdan Bodnar, French-Ukrainian journalist.

Richard Werley, Blick correspondent.

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