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After – Chapter 4 // By Castile Landon. With Josephine Langford, Hero Fiennes Tiffin and Louise Lombard.

After has become a TV movie series like any other. After – Chapter 4 is even entitled to a “Previously in After”. We can’t say that this is the best way to start a film for me. Especially when the previous part was catastrophic. After – Chapter 4 oddly improves things, especially since it also focuses on a more interesting part of the story in the books. The relationship between Tessa and Hardin continues to be a toxic relationship. With all that going on, I have to admit that having relationships like this at the head of a teen drama might not be the healthiest thing. Despite some interesting qualities, After – Chapter 4 has a big storytelling problem. It’s something that’s been following the franchise since the first film, this weird way of putting scene after scene without trying to create anything coherent. Or thrilling. This fourth part is so messy that we do not fully find the spirit of the book.

Tessa and Hardin are at a crossroads: should Tessa work hard to save Hardin and their relationship or is it time for her to save herself? After her mother’s wedding, Hardin stays in London and darkens even more, while Tessa returns to Seattle and deals with tragedy. If they want their love to survive, they will first have to work on themselves. Will their paths lead them to each other?

The characters of the literary franchise are not known for making the best decisions in their lives, but they still have the merit of doing and seeing things differently. However, we have a few clichés from the American rom-com which at times prove to be much more effective than anything we saw in the previous film. Castille Landon continues to film the franchise as a series of Shutterstock videos. And After – Chapter 4 often gives the impression of seeing a collage between videos of this kind. What After – Chapter 4 still fails to deliver is the emotion of the book. There is something touching in the book and it must be said that it contains a lot of things in this direction. In the novel we easily get attached to Tessa and Hardin whereas in After – Chapter 4 I still have so much trouble with the actors. They are sometimes so far removed from the characters in the books that I don’t feel like I’m seeing the same story. Apart from some improvements and in particular the fact that this chapter is more thrilling thanks to several intrigues, After – Chapter 4 is not really up to expectations. The next film, the last in the franchise, has its work cut out for it.

Rating: 3/10. In short, even if as a whole After – Chapter 4 was able to improve the faults of the previous part, it is still not good. We are always far from the spirit of the books.

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