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Finally insurance against bed bugs

Nearly 31 million French people have been confronted with pests at home since 2016*, the French company brings its expertise to help many people get rid of pests permanently.

The 3 keys to success: expert advice, appropriate treatment and serious professionals

Historically, accompanies individuals and professionals to find the treatment against pests that suits them: bed bugs, cockroaches, hornets, wasps, fleas or even rats and mice. The platform, which aims to digitize and improve quality in the rodent and insect control market, allows its customers to make an appointment in a few clicks by comparing services, prices and specialized companies in complete transparency.

“All of our craftsmen are audited for several weeks upstream to guarantee our customers a high level of expertise. We also and above all carry out important monitoring work on a daily basis, to ensure that our craftsmen-partners continue to rigorously apply our own protocols, and that the interventions carried out satisfy our customers”, confides Nicolas Roux de Bézieux, founder of the company.

A work of qualification of craftsmen which seems welcome in a market where customer dissatisfaction reaches 71%*!

But the quality of the intervention is not enough. “The work of supporting and advising customers is essential, unfortunately the elimination of a pest is always the result of collaboration between the people affected and the professional”. therefore makes it a point of honor to “coach” its customers whether by phone, chat, tele-consultation or through their many tutorials.

Finally an insurance against bedbugs for 2€

It is precisely these daily exchanges with people who are victims of pests that have prompted the teams to create, in partnership with Inter Mutuelle Assistance, the first insurance against bed bugs. Indeed, bedbugs, which have affected 5.5 million French people over the past 5 years*, are the pests that worry them the most (35%*). “This is explained by an intervention cost almost twice as high as for other pests, and bedbugs also require a huge amount of work on the part of those affected. And unfortunately this risk is almost never covered by the home insurance.”

This insurance for individuals, but which can also be taken out by owners to protect their property, costs €2 per month and includes:

  • Reimbursement of processing fees
  • Support for relocation
  • Access to an expert to support you 7 days a week
  • And finally consultations with a psychologist for those hardest hit.

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