Finally, SpaceX’s Polaris Dawn mission won’t launch until next year

We expected it for this year, but finally the first spacewalk by private astronauts won’t take place until next year. According to the website for Polaris programthe mission SpaceX’s Polaris Dawn will finally be launched first in March 2023. This mission was originally planned to take off towards the end of this year.

The Polaris Dawn mission will be launched by the rocket Falcon 9 from SpaceX and will depart from Launch Complex 39A, which is located at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. It will be headed by the billionaire entrepreneur Jared Isaacman who was already leading the mission inspiration 4. The latter was the very first space mission with a crew consisting entirely of private astronauts.

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Features of Polaris Dawn Mission

According to the explanations, the Polaris Dawn mission will fully utilize the capabilities of the Falcon 9 rocket and Crew Dragon capsule. The mission will fly higher than all the missions carried out by the capsule so far. According to Polaris Program representatives, the capsule will pass through parts of the radiation belt Van Allen. The mission will thus investigate the effects of spaceflight and space radiation on human health.

The Polaris Dawn mission will also mark the first spacewalk by private astronauts. This exit will be carried out at an altitude of 700 km, that is, 300 km higher than the orbit of the orbit. International Space Station.

In addition to the scientific goals, the mission crew members also have that purpose raise funds for St. Jude Children’s Hospital in Memphis.

The Polaris program

Isaacman is the first investor in the Polaris program. The latter is intended promote human abilities in aerospace and to help humanity return to the Moon and reach Mars. The program also has a priority raise funds for major causes and institutions like St. Jude’s Hospital.

The Polaris program consists of three space missions. The second mission will also use a Dragon capsule, but there are no details on that yet. According to Isaacman’s statements, there is a possibility that this second mission could be used to increase the orbit of the telescope Hubble and to carry out maintenance work on it. But the realization of such a mission will still depend on the results of the joint study carried out by NASA and SpaceX.

As for the third mission, it will be the ship’s first manned mission Spaceship from SpaceX. This ship is currently under development.



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