For some reason, Microsoft sells hoodies for Xbox controllers.

There are business ideas that will never cease to amaze us, and the latest addition that has gone on sale in the official Xbox store is just one of the examples that will now immediately appear. And, considering the cold moment that is starting to arrive, has no one thought about the comfort of the Xbox Series controllers?

A sweatshirt for your order

This is exactly what we can find in the official Xbox store. A very small sweatshirt with a zipper that could also fit a chiguagua coat, but is actually an accessory for a game controller. The idea is none other than to protect your controller from the cold, we don’t know if it does. do not feel the scourge of low temperatures or so that when it is necessary to venture it is hot.

In any case, this is an accessory that is already available in the official Xbox store, the Xbox Gear Shop, although shipments will not begin in France until February. These small sweatshirts are made of 100% polyester, and have a small zipper so you can easily insert the remote control and the clothes fit perfectly.

real use?

This is just another fun addition to the Xbox catalog. Remember that we can currently find other special sweatshirts, such as models designed to accommodate soda cans.

how to buy it

Xbox Controller Sweatshirt

We know you couldn’t resist the miniature charm of this special piece of clothing. Well, if you are determined to buy it, the official price of the mini sweatshirt for Xbox Series X and Series S controllers is 24.95 euros, and although it is not in stock at the moment, you can reserve it and receive the package between February 17 and March 4.

sales success

Xbox Controller Sweatshirt

The most interesting thing is that the original stock of sweatshirts disappeared instantly. All the units that were available in your inventory quickly sold out, so the reserves that are available now are actually another batch to be made.

Therefore, they are only taking orders until December 15th, as they will manufacture all of these units and then make the product disappear forever. So now you know, if you want to dress up your controller, you’d better hurry and reserve a unit with your name on it, or you’ll lose your chance and have to find another solution. If it exists.

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