Former adviser to Vladimir Putin threatens Britain directly with nuclear attack

A close associate of the Russian president has threatened Britain with a nuclear bomb. An intervention during an interview on the “Today” program by BBC Radio 4. The propagandist accuses Westerners of being responsible for the rise in international tensions.

A new provocation from a close friend of Vladimir Putin. Sergei Alexandrovich Markov is a former member of the Duma, the lower house of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. He was a long-time adviser to the Russian president and stood out on Wednesday, September 21, for his ultra-violent outburst about the nuclear bombing of Great Britain.

UK targeted

While being interviewed for the “Today” program. BBC Radio 4Sergei Alexandrovich Markov assured listeners that the Russian president had made it “clear” that he was ready to carry out a nuclear strike against Western countries and, in particular, against “Great Britain”.

This exit from Putin’s former adviser comes after the Russian leader’s speech. In the latter, he announced the partial mobilization of the population, with in particular more than 300,000 reservists called to the front. At the same time, Putin says he is ready to use “all the weapons” at his disposal to “defend” Russia.

“Nuclear blackmail is also used (…) I would like to remind those who make such statements that our country also has various means of destruction, some of which are more modern than those of NATO countries,” he said.

Propaganda speeches multiply

Like the majority of those close to the Russian president, Sergei Alexandrovich Markov told BBC listeners that Western countries were responsible for the current situation. “While Britain continues to be the aggressor against Russia, if the British Prime Minister, Liz Truss, still has plans to destroy Russia, people in London should understand that this threat comes from Liz Truss, who is the aggressor,” he said.

The former senior adviser also acknowledges that possible attacks by Russia could “kill a lot of people in Western countries.” But Russia would have “no reason” to use tactical nuclear weapons against the Ukrainians” because the latter are “brothers.” Markov condemns a Western war “by proxy.” “Western countries fighting the army, Russians use Ukrainian soldiers as their slaves .” ,” he added.

A speech of pure propaganda in line with the last few months. Many close to the Russian regime have spoken publicly about unlikely scenarios. On the other hand, these media interventions were previously limited to Russian state television. The expression of such remarks on BBCa western radio seems to be a real novelty.

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