Former counter-terrorism chief says Meghan Markle faced “very real” threats in Britain

Meghan Markle on an official visit to Brighton. (October 3, 2018.) Getty Images

Serious threats were made against Prince Harry’s wife when she lived in the UK.

In England, the security of the Windsors is taken very seriously by the authorities. This was also true for Meghan Markle, who saw her safety at risk as she lived in the UK and was still an active member of the royal family.

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In a new interview with Channel 4 News, revealed on Tuesday, November 29, Neil Basu – the former head of counter-terrorism for the Metropolitan Police of London – confirms it: the threats against the Duchess of Sussex and her husband, Prince Harry, were serious.

“You were in charge of royal protection. How would you qualify the threats Meghan and Harry have received?” asked journalist Cathy Newman, to which the person replied: “Well, sickening and very real.”

Victim of “extreme right-wing terrorism”

According to Neil Basu, these threats came mainly from “extreme right-wing terrorism”. “If you had seen or received the things that were written… With this kind of rhetoric that we find online… you would feel threatened all the time,” he insisted. The Channel 4 News reporter then went on to ask if Meghan Markle might have feared for her life. “Absolutely,” confirmed the former head of London’s counter-terrorism squad. “We had teams investigating. People have been prosecuted for these threats.”

Meghan Markle, who is the victim of racist insults, has regularly faced hatred from white supremacists. In December 2018, the BBC even revealed that a neo-Nazi group planned to kill Prince Harry, calling him a “traitor” for marrying a mixed-race woman. Two years later, with the threats still present, the question of the Sussexes’ safety was at the heart of the Megxit negotiations. In particular, the couple asked that their security be taken care of by the British taxpayer whenever they visit the UK. A request that Elizabeth II ended up refusing.


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