From the “Twitter Files” to the White Rabbit, How Elon Musk Serves Conspirators

“Elon Musk is close to the far right, with Donald Trump and with masculinist circles that revolve around conspiracy,” analyzes media historian Alexis Lévrier for TF1info. “There is a close porosity between conspiratorial discourse and the American far right, which we also have in France with France Soir in particular.” But the billionaire has not always shown his political views so clearly. Once described as a brilliant entrepreneur with progressive ideas, he has long been a generous donor to both the Democratic and Republican camps, as evidenced by this graphic from the British daily The independent.

To preserve the image of a successful businessman, dozens of biographies have been devoted to him over the years. “Elon Musk, Tesla, PayPal, SpaceX, the entrepreneur who will change the world”, “Elon Musk, the secrets of unabashed success” Where “The Tesla Revolution”, to name just a few. In 2016, the native of Pretoria, South Africa, campaigned for Democrat Hillary Clinton … against Donald Trump. The filling takes place in 2020, when he invites himself into the presidential campaign and shows interest in the Republican candidate facing Joe Biden. A kind of “opportunistic Trumpism”then describes log The world.


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