Fuel discount, social minima, borrower insurance… What changes on September 1, 2022

Extension of the fuel discount, revaluation of social minima and student grants, access to origins for children born from a donation of gametes… new measures come into force on September 1, 2022. We take stock.

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Revaluation of social minima and student grants, extension of the fuel discount, access to origins for children born from a donation of gametes… we take stock of what is changing on September 1, 2022.

The extended fuel discount

While it was to end in the summer, the fuel discount has been extended until December 31, 2022. But the amount will be changed: it will be 30 cents per liter from September 1 to October 31, then 10 cents from November 1 to December 31. ” This reduction applies to all fuels: diesel fuels B0, B7, B10, B30, B100 and XTL, including for non-road use (GNR), gasoline SP95/98-E5, SP-95-E10, LPG-c , CNG in compressed (CNG) or liquefied (LNG) form, superethanol E85, diesel ethanol ED95 », Specifies the site service-public.fr. In addition, this discount will be supplemented by a gesture from TotalÉnergies. From September 1, the company will offer a discount of an additional 20 centimes per litre, which can be combined with the government discount.

Social minima and pensions revalued

The government has announced the revaluation of many social minima: the allowance for disabled adults (AAH), the RSA, family allowances and the activity bonus have been revalued by 4% on 1 July 2022. Catch-up is planned, with a payment scheduled between August 18 and September 5. From September 5, this will be the first payment of the updated aid. Thus, a beneficiary of the RSA without children who received 575.52 euros per month will receive around 23 euros more, or nearly 600 euros.

Housing aid (APL, ALF, ALS), received by 6.5 million beneficiaries, will be increased by 3.5% and follow the same schedule, i.e. a catch-up payment between August 18 and September 5, then a first payment of the aid updated on September 5.

Retirement pensions will increase by 4% with retroactive effect from July 1, 2022.

Student scholarships

Student grants will also be increased by 4% on September 1. The annual rates over 10 months distributed to students can thus range from €1,084 for level 0 bis to €5,965 for level 7.

Access to origins for children born from donated gametes

The bioethics law of August 2, 2021 opening medically assisted procreation to all women included a clause on access to origins. From September 1, 2022, “ any person conceived by medically assisted procreation with a third party donor can, if they wish, access their majority to identity and non-identifying data [âge, caractéristiques physiques par exemple] of the donor. Consequently, anyone wishing to donate their gametes must first accept these conditions. Donations prior to September 1, 2022 are not affected.

Borrower insurance: termination possible at any time

The law of February 28, 2022, known as the Lemoine Law, opens up the possibility of terminating and changing borrower insurance at any time, free of charge. In force since June 1, 2022 for new loans, this measure applies from September 1, 2022 for all contracts in progress on this date (even taken out before June). It will therefore no longer be necessary to wait for the anniversary date of the contract to have the right to terminate it. Insurers will be required to inform their customers of this right.

Meal vouchers: what changes and what does not change (yet)

The daily authorized payment ceiling, which had been raised to €38 during the health crisis, will be raised from 19 to 25 euros. This raised ceiling will apply in restaurants, but also in food shops. This measure was to come into force on September 1. But the Economy Ministry said the move was ” commitment but that the conditions for applying it had not yet been met.

Nevertheless, a novelty to report: while restaurant vouchers could only be used for what could constitute an immediate meal (sandwich, crisps, drink, etc.), they can now be used for all food products, whether perishable or not.

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