game hours increase at Xbox Cloud Gaming

Microsoft’s chief product officer said Xbox Cloud Gaming hours of game usage increased by 1,800% over last year.

The Xbox Cloud Gaming service makes its mark

This reality has become very visible on Microsoft’s dashboards. Catherine Gluckstein, product director for the platform, reveals that the number of hours of use of the service had increased. And to speak of increase, the figure is particularly enormous. Indeed, since according to her, the latter has increased by 1800% compared to a year ago. Nevertheless, it must be said that the use was quite modest at that time.

Xbox Cloud Gaming spread quickly

Last year, in June more precisely, the deployment of the streaming game service really accelerated. It happened when this one finally arrived on iOS as a web application.

That said, access to Xbox Cloud Gaming then grows a little more every day. As explained above, the platform is therefore available on iOS. But in addition, it is also on Android, on macOS and on computer. And even, it is now accessible on the Xbox and on some televisions connected from Samsung. And the latter, under an agreement between the two companies.

Microsoft knows how to capture gamers’ attention

Normally, access to the catalog of games is paid for, via a Game Pass Ultimate subscription at 12.99 euros per month. However, Microsoft stands out to appeal to penniless gamers. That said, it therefore offers the opportunity to play for free.

At the beginning of May, Fortnite inaugurated this new free formula. A perfect option that allows the passage to replay the Epic Battle Royale on iPhone and iPad.

Moreover, the publisher announced that Fortnite had attracted more than 4 million players on Xbox Cloud Gaming. This is an observation of the latest quarterly results. According to Microsoft, lately more than 10 million users were playing on the service.

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