Games with Gold: Microsoft is once again offering two disappointing titles in December 2022

The Microsoft console subscription provides a selection of free games each month. On the program for the month of December only two titles. In fact, Microsoft no longer offers Xbox 360 games.

A game that immerses you in the Wild West and a 2D action game based on Chinese mythology : this is what Microsoft is offering you this month of December. Subscribers to the Games with Gold service will therefore receive two games. To know :

  • Colt Canyon : Available from 1 to 31 December
  • The magazine Fury : Available from December 16 to January 15

Well, luckily the selection is free, because the subscription is hard to see. Especially when you see what Sony offers with its PS Plus. In short, know that you have a few hours left to restore the November games inclusive Purposeless work on Xbox One, which will be available until December 15.

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