General news publishers negotiate neighboring rights with Microsoft and Linkedin

Guest of the AJM, Pierre Louette, president of the Alliance de la presse d’information générale, gave an update on the state of negotiations on neighboring rights. He also wants to develop a new ecosystem at Les Echos-Le Parisien around environmental transition.

Guest of the Association of Media Journalists, Thursday September 15, Pierre Louette, took stock of his two years of mandate at the head of the Alliance of General Information Press (Apig), where he will be replaced in October by Philippe Carli, CEO of Ebra (Progress, DNA, Dauphiné liberated…). . He reconsidered the neighboring rights for which the Competition Authority ruled in favor of Apig, he specified, “ at each step “. Believing that it is necessary seek to gather more “, he recalled that he had advanced with the Union of magazine press editors and the AFP in all” the preliminary phase and received state support until Apig signed with Facebook and then Google. Regarding journalists, to whom the law provides for reserving ” a fair share of these rights, he said he was in favor of fixed-price remuneration negotiated by company.

It is necessary, according to him, to continue the

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