Genoa the new AMD processor seduces Google and Microsoft

AMD has just launched its brand new processor called “Genoa” and will especially make sure that Google Cloud and Microsoft are among its customers.

AMD Genoa: Better performance for Google and Microsoft

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is rolling out its latest data center chip, a processor EPYC of the fourth generation named “Genova”. Therefore, as part of this new project, the company has declared that Microsoft’s Azure, Google Cloud and Oracle will be among the customers.

According to the daily manager Lisa Su, Genoa is significantly better than the previous chip. She specifically referred to performance as well as energy efficiency of the new product. However, according to her, this results in a large reduction in various expenses. “What this means for enterprises and for cloud data centers is that it translates to lower capital expenditure, operating expenditure and total cost of ownership,” she said.

AMD finds a good way

AMD Group’s shares rose approx 14%. In addition, the index philadelphia SE Semiconductor rose 8.7%. In fact, AMD’s new Genoa processor came out at a good time for the company. Sure enough, this one was launched while the latest rival data center chip (a similar offering) was experiencing its delays. These include Intel, which carries the name “Sapphire Rapids”.

An analyst from Technology research, Bob O’Donnell gave his opinion on the subject. According to him, AMD has taken a huge leap in performance with this latest generation Genoa chip. And this, in addition, according to him, not only compared to its rival Intel, but also compared to their previous generation. Furthermore, this makes the viability of an AMD-based solution much more real, the analyst continues.

A good place in the market

AMD launched its very first EPYC data center chip during the year 2017. Since then, the company has continued to gain market share at the expense of Intel. It has made particularly strong inroads with cloud service providers.

There are actually analyzes that prove that. In fact, according to research firm IDC, AMD’s chip market share has declined zero in 2016 around 29% the previous year. This particularly concerns chips based on x86 architecture and which are used for cloud services. One of the biggest growth areas for semiconductors right now is the cloud. “IDC expects AMD to stay on track and continue to gain market share in public cloud deployments,” said Ashish Nadkarni, data center and cloud analyst at IDC. That said, with the much better performance of AMD’s new Genoa processor, it remains to be seen how far its growth and market dominance will go.

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