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‘God Of War Ragnarok’ is the series’ biggest launch in the UK

God of War Ragnarok officially became the series’ biggest launch in the UK after being released for less than a week.

According to GamesIndustry.bizthe last born of god of war Sony’s Santa Monica franchise is already the series’ fourth number one title out of the previous 12 games. This includes six main games, two handheld titles and a number of remakes.

The data comes from GfK boss Dorian Bloch, who told the publication God of War Ragnarok,” became the best-selling at the time in terms of first-week sales and also lifetime sales for that franchise. In 2018, god of war ranked #5 in terms of units and revenue on Sony formats.

God of War Ragnarok. Credit: Sony Santa Monica

God of War Ragnarok will debut at #1 and is the first cross-gen title in the series,” Bloch added. “Day 1 physical sales were already higher than any other full week launch of any other title in this franchise. »

This new report is based on physical box office sales only and is the biggest series title currently in the UK. Bloch also explained that 55% of PS5 console sales this week are part of god of war batch material.

God of War Ragnarok finally released on November 9th on PS4 and PS5.

IN NMEof the four-star review, Jake Tucker said, “God of War Ragnarok is a good game, but never particularly surprising. Emphasizing the story of Atreus seems like a smart move, and the universe painted here is as beautiful narratively as it is graphically, but some players may feel like they’ve been on this journey before.

In other news, Remedy announced that they are working on Control 2which will be co-developed and published with 505 Games.



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