Goodbye office! Microsoft 365 will take its place after more than 30 years of operation

The famous Office suite is on its way out and is no longer part of the community’s plans. Microsoft. The application file Microsoft 365 will take its place, gives a new look and new functions to the set, which i.a software as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, the mail system Outlookamong other services.

Between 1989 (Apple Macintosh) and 1990 (Windows). begins the rollout of the first version of Office, which to this day is still in use and is one of the most recurring programs for all types of computer work.

Microsoft 365, as the cloud application service is also called, replaces its predecessor. in “the next few months,” according to Bill Gates’ technology company..

Then services such as, the Office app for mobile phones and the Office app for Windows operating systems, between November next year and January next year.

Microsoft 365 will include new templates, new modules to discover tools or pin the ones you use the most and new ways to organize jobs with custom labels, among other new features confirmed by the company.

Thereby, the subscription to Microsoft 365 gives its subscribers access to a cloud-based platform. which provides access to apps, features and even cloud storage.

Chromebook, no Office support from 2021.

The gradual disappearance of the office is not new. Last August in 2021, By the company Bill Gates has announced that he will withdraw support for the application from the Microsoft Office software suite on certain Google computers..

Thus tall teams ChromebookGoogle’s Chrome OS operating system, ceased to be available in its downloadable version in September.

So to access the service, they would have to go to the web version of or and log in, which requires an internet connection. In their case, they need to create an account for this service to be able to use all the services, which also includes One Drive with a limited number of GB for file storage, including external files and media files.

This has naturally favored Google’s suite of apps, which include Docs, Office, Drive and make up the bulk of Google’s offering. Workplace by “Big G”.


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