Great Britain: Big Ben resounds after five years of work


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London hears the sound of the most famous clock in the world again: Big Ben, which is back in operation after more than five years of work.

It only takes one note to recognize it with your eyes closed. Big Ben’s hourly tinkling and quarter-hour chimes are back to the delight of Londoners and tourists alike.It is extraordinary, the sound of these bells is like no other“, one man commented. Big Make itt is a 14-ton bell that is the pride of the British.For me it is the most beautiful building in the world, but I am not objective“jokes Andy Clarke, tour guide.

The watch has gone through history between wars and royal funerals. For five years the great lady had been silent to make way for the titanic work of refurbishing the cogs from the days of the one ton. The needles of four meters and 400 kilos swallowed the decades. Some find its variations bad in stores memories but the sellers claim to make an effort. We’ll still have to wait until Big Ben reopens to the public next spring.

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