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Great Britain: Boris Johnson will not be a candidate for the post of Prime Minister

The former British Prime Minister announced on Sunday evening that he had no intention of seeking to inherit Liz Truss.

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Boris Johnson has given up his candidacy for the post of Prime Minister.

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LThe campaign for Downing Street is expected to have just two candidates. Boris Johnson announced late in the evening on Sunday 23 October his withdrawal from the succession of Liz Truss. The former prime minister claims to have enough support to run but prefers not to because “it simply wouldn’t be the right thing to do” because “we can’t govern effectively without having a united party in parliament”, the BBC reports.

Boris Johnson, who had stepped down in July, swept away by a series of scandals, had returned from his holiday in the Dominican Republic on Saturday, fueling speculation about a candidacy. But he had not officially announced that he would stand for this campaign, which is being held after Liz Truss stepped down on Thursday after just 44 days in office. In his press release, Boris Johnson confirms that he had obtained 102 sponsorships from Conservative MPs, more than the 100 needed to continue the campaign.

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“Not the Right Time”

He explains that he contacted the two declared candidates, Rishi Sunak, who he saw on Saturday night, and also Penny Mordaunt. “I hoped we could come together in the national interest, but unfortunately we have not been able to find a way to do that,” he wrote. “Therefore, I’m afraid the best thing is not to pursue” this race and “support” whoever wins. “I think I have a lot to offer, but I’m afraid it’s just not the right time,” he wrote again.



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