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Great Britain, Germany, Italy… What economic future for the EU? Eco information from 22 October

Every Saturday, two economists discuss topics that mark economic and social news.

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With Lorrain Sénéchal and Emmanuel Cugny to discuss the economic situation in the EU: Nathalie Chusseauprofessor at the University of Lille, and Philippe Trainard, member of the Circle of Economists.

Much further than the euro area alone, the European continent has just experienced two episodes that put its function to the test:

In quick succession this week, within hours of each other, Paris and Berlin have postponed -one vscouncil of Franco-German ministers due to disagreements on many issues such as energy or the military in light of the war in Ukraine…

The British Prime Minister, Liz Truss, has resigned, unable to build a budget commensurate with the national situation in the context of the international crisis.Are these repeated episodes of tension on the old continent likely to weaken the European economy? If so, at what levels and up to where?



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