Great Deal – Microsoft Xbox Elite Series 2 “5 Star” Gamepad for €89.00 (-41%)

Released at the end of 2015, the first Xbox Elite controller convinced us despite its very high price of €150. Almost 4 years later, here comes the Elite Series 2, its replacement. Even more expensive (€180), it’s also even better.

Even more accomplished than the first Elite controller, this Xbox Elite Series 2 has almost everything from the ultimate controller. We could have wished for more responsive main buttons, but in terms of comfort, precision and customization, we simply cannot find better. Unfortunately, it is very expensive for its services, but it is the best gamepad at the moment, without a doubt.

Strong points

  • Excellent production quality and comfortable grip.
  • Wireless operation with low latency.
  • Built-in battery and magnetic charging stand included.
  • Pallets accessible without being in the way.
  • Accuracy of analog sticks.
  • Interchangeable pin caps.
  • The movement of the triggers can be adjusted on 3 levels.
  • Well-designed directional cross and dial.
  • Complete configuration software on Windows 10 and Xbox One.

Weak points

  • The A, B, X and Y buttons could have been even more responsive.
  • Software wandering of the sticks not automatically adapting to the mechanical setting selected on the back of the controller.
  • Non-removable battery.

NB: The reported price drop is calculated by comparing today’s lowest price to the average of the lowest prices charged by all retailers for the product last month, with safeguards to exclude prices from stores whose VAT policy is not clear (known as ” gray” stores, typically in the case of imports from China).


In the absence of a very significant technological development during the transition to the Xbox Series generation, the Xbox controller remains the excellent game controller that we have enjoyed for years on Xbox One and PC. Admittedly rather timid, the developments made by Microsoft further improve comfort and precision, enough to make this new Xbox Series controller a benchmark in this area. However, we remain unhappy with the built-in vibration technologies, which would have benefited from catching up to those used by Nintendo and Sony on their respective official controllers.

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