Halo Infinite: Before the big winter update, Microsoft expresses its regret and promises regular content

Game news Halo Infinite: Before the big winter update, Microsoft expresses its regret and promises regular content

Available for almost a year, Halo Infinite went through every state before landing on our consoles and PC. As the game prepares to welcome a major winter update, Microsoft is making its mea culpa, promising content that lives up to expectations. The goal is simple: to rekindle enthusiasm around Master Chief and bring people to the servers to enjoy a revised and corrected online experience!

E3 2018. During its conference dedicated to the event, Microsoft reveals the announcement trailer for Halo Infinite. This one, excellent, is deliberately enigmatic and heralds the return with fanfare of the famous Master Chief. Music, environment, warthog, everything is there! At that time, the presentation of this video takes place in the presence of the public, and the assembly is completely spellbound (we will have as proof the shouts that suddenly break the silence of the room) by this revelation in Microsoft. A year later, in June 2019, the Microsoft Theater finds Master Chief during a new video, which again causes a sensation. The game is then announced for the end of the year 2020.

On July 23, 2020, Microsoft will reveal 8 minutes of the single player campaign. As the world has just been hit by a pandemic, the footage does not go down well with the fan community. The latter are disappointed and let it be known, leading to further changes in development. The title will finally be postponed to land only on December 8, 2021 for the result that we know, some rate it up to the bottom, others not at all. However, it is undeniable that the extra year has been lifesaving.

Microsoft expresses regret over Halo Infinite

During an interview with the Friends Per Second podcast, Matt Booty, head of Microsoft’s Xbox game studios, wanted to put things into perspective. While highlighting the incredible efforts of the design team, he admits that Microsoft should have done more.

In December (Ed.note: when the game was released), I think we peaked at around 20 million players. The team can’t be praised enough for creating and bringing this game to market in a difficult time, right? Last year, in the midst of a pandemic, everyone was still trying to figure out how to adapt to remote and hybrid work. Trying to make a game, under those conditions, with a hundred people trying to finish it, is the worst, I think. So kudos to them for making it happen!

He pursues:

As we can see these days, with a title like Halo Infinite, the release of the game is only the first step. There needs to be a schedule to maintain the content, a regular, ongoing engagement schedule, and that didn’t work out. We took a step back and made some changes to the team’s organization and management. We really need to focus on this regular addition of content and ensure regular updates from players.

Matt Booty thus makes the comparison with a runner who stumbles several times before crossing the finish line in the lead. Halo Infinite has undoubtedly not received enough support since its arrival on Xbox Game Pass and in stores. Microsoft is aware of this, explaining that it is their responsibility and that they are now fully focused on fixing things.

With this update, which will land tomorrow, 343 Industries intends to revive interest in the title. Xbox and PC players will thus be able to traverse the campaign in online co-op. It will be possible to form teams with three players and unlock 24 new achievements. Missions are also replayable for anyone looking to improve their performance. The update will also include a new game mode, “Covert One-Flag” (you have to bring the opponent’s flag into his camp) as well as two new maps in multiplayer. Finally, for all those waiting for Forge mode, know that it will be released in beta to be refined as time goes by. Hope it’s more than a start, Halo Infinite we really dwell on it.

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