Halo Infinite multiplayer “stumbled across the finish line,” says Microsoft

We’ve almost had Halo Infinite multiplayer for a full year, and now an Xbox executive has commented on the FPS game’s launch status, explaining how Microsoft and 343 Industries essentially fell at the last hurdle when they didn’t keep up with the need for support or run the multiplayer game in the best possible way.

This comes from an interview with Xbox Game Studios head Matt Booty, who said in the same thread that Starfield’s release date is set after Redfall in early 2023.

“The classic runner’s mistake of tripping and stumbling as you cross the finish line. We have to get there. The burden is on us,” says Booty about the launch of Halo Infinite. While this is by no means an entirely conclusive number, as it’s only natural that lifetime players don’t stay at their maximum release, Steam’s data on Halo Infinite’s player count is quite revealing. At launch, there were about 250,000 concurrent players, and over the past few months, that same number hasn’t topped 10,000. Again, this is Steam only, so it’s not critical.

“These days, with a game like Halo Infinite, game delivery is just the beginning. There has to be a plan to maintain the content; there has to be a plan for regular ongoing engagement. And we just haven’t hit the plan on that,” adds Booty in the interview.

Booty made the comments on the Friends Per Second podcast (transcribed by GameSpot), you can watch the relevant episode below (the clip in question starts at 1:12:55).

Since the launch of Halo Infinite, Booty says the team at 343 Industries has been “digging in” and changing the way they want to deliver content to make everything more efficient. Booty also says that the recent changes in direction were made to try and entice Halo Infinite multiplayer fans.

However, Halo Infinite multiplayer is far from over; a massive winter update is coming in November that adds Forge, a new XP match system and a free battle pass that players say uses a lot of padding.

If you want more information on Halo Infinite, 343 recently reached out to fans about the addition of Campaign AI in Forge so they can make their own Firefight, and Certain Affinity’s new Halo Infinite multiplayer mode. will also be “something big”, according to teams.

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