Heathrow, postal workers, Harrods, civil servants… strikes in the UK

Significant delays have disrupted traffic on the runways of the country’s main airport since Friday.

A three-day strike by ground workers at London’s Heathrow airport began on Friday, and a social movement among British postal workers was widespread over the bank holiday, accompanied by some civil servants and security guards at Harrods. Strikes, mostly focused on wages but also on working conditions, follow each other in the UK in almost all sectors, in a context of high inflation of more than 11%.

Heathrow Airport is preparing for major disruptionfrom Friday after porters employed by provider company Menzies decided to strike, the Unite union said in a statement dated Thursday. The move will lead to disruptions and delays that “will particularly affect flights departing from Heathrow Terminals 2, 3 and 4“and the companies”Air Canada, American Airlines, Luthansa, Swiss Air, Air Portugal, Austrian Airlines, Qantas, Egypt Air, Aer Lingus and Finnair», Details Foren.

However, a spokesman for Heathrow, contacted by AFP on Friday, played down the implications of this exclusion: “the airlines concerned have already taken measures to deal with it and no flight cancellations are expectedAt the same time, postal workers have extended several planned strikes until 2023, which could affect the distribution of mail and packages during the important holiday season.

The workers in the public logistics company Post Office have thus decided to extend a strike until next year, according to a press release from the trade union CWU, which condemns “dramatic real (inflation-adjusted) wage declines“. A spokeswoman for the Post Office, reached Friday, said the company “noted the (poll) results reported by the CWU“. “Our preferences remain in favor of a (salary) agreement with the CWU“, she added.

Workers at Royal Mail, a shrinking postal delivery company that recently announced thousands of redundancies, have also planned to extend a months-long strike that could disrupt online shopping and sending Christmas presents. Christmas shopping could also be disrupted by an announced strike by security guards at London’s famous luxury department store Harrods.

Finally, officials from the Ministry of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Customs and Borders and the Ministry of Transport affiliated with the PCS union also voted to strike at the end of the year, notably after a failed meeting with the government to obtain wage increases in line with inflation. Details of the action plan have not yet been released.


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