Here’s how much a rocket launch costs at SpaceX today

Inflation also hits the space economy. SpaceX has indeed just increased the prices of its Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy rocket launch services. The prices of hardware and subscription to Starlink Internet services have also been revised upwards.

SpaceX increases its service prices

The Falcon 9 is a reusable two-stage rocket designed by SpaceX to transport cargo and humans into space. This launcher is the world’s first orbital-class reusable rocket, enabling the company to lower the cost of access to space. According to the latest news, it was thus necessary to pay 62 million dollars to afford the services of this incredible workhorse. From now on, you will have to pay a little more: $67 million.

It will also cost $97 million, instead of the original $90 million, to book a flight aboard the company’s Falcon Heavy launch vehicle. As a reminder, this is the most powerful operational rocket in the world. This vehicle can lift more than twice the payload of its direct competitor, the United Launch Alliance Delta IV Heavy, which costs around $350 million per launch.

Whether it is the Falcon 9 or the Falcon Heavy, the price increase is therefore around 8%. These new numbers are available on SpaceX’s recently updated “Capabilities and Services” page. The company assures that these price adjustments have been made “ to account for excessive levels of inflation“.

It is also more expensive today to carpool with SpaceX. As part of certain missions, companies take advantage of the launch of main missions to come and graft themselves on it. The company now charges $1.1 million to deliver 200 kg payload in sun-synchronous orbit (against one million previously) and $5,500 for each additional kilo ($5,000 previously).

A SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket lifts off from Launch Pad 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center on February 6, 2018. Credits: SpaceX

Price hike for Starlink too

Starlink is also increasing the prices of its monthly service and starter kit. Again, SpaceX claims that “ the sole purpose of these adjustments is to keep pace with rising inflation“.

Originally, opting for Starlink required the initial purchase of a starter kit to connect to SpaceX’s $499 satellites. Customers then paid a monthly subscription of $99. From now on, the new monthly price will be $110while the starter kit price now stands at $599. Anyone who put down a deposit for the original $499 kit will have to pay $549 instead.

Note that these new rates are separate from Starlink’s premium service which costs customers $2,500 for the kit and $500 per month for higher performance. However, these prices will also soon be revised upwards.

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