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Hilbert IS launches its PER and bets on ETFs

Hilbert Investment Solutions announces the launch of its first banking retirement savings plan (PER). Baptized “Hilbert PER Protect 90», the company specializing in structured products intends to base its investments mainly on ETFs.

The product stands out in particular for its level of capital guarantee established at 90% of the contributions and made possible in particular by taking out an insurance contract with Gret Lakes Insurance SE, a company of the Munich Re group.

Compulsory entry, flexible exit

Accessible from an initial payment of 10,000 euros, the solution offers savers four distinct exit routes. Naturally, the owner of the contract has the choice of recovering all or part of the sum of his savings in the form of capital. He can also choose an annuity exit or juggle between annuity and capital. On the other hand, he can also request the extension of the subscription. “We have also chosen not to set an extension period, based on the principle on the one hand that the PER does not necessarily imply an exit at retirement age, and on the other hand that some subscribers opt for this solution sometimes only a few years before leaving the active lifesays Steve Lamarque, CEO of Hilbert Investment Solutions.

Flirting with CGPs

The investment solutions company also aims to strengthen its links with its intermediaries, in particular wealth management advisers. Creator of the Infinity platform, Hilbert IS announces for the occasion a new version of the tool. “It offers wealth management advisers the possibility of investing and managing their savings through fully digitalized portfolio management, from design to monitoring, including order placement.“, argues the group in a press release.




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