Hospitalization costs: what cost with or without mutual insurance?

Even if we prefer not to think about it, prevention is always better than cure. And if there is an expense that can be expensive in terms of health, it is to be hospitalized. Hospitalization can indeed quickly become expensive depending on your complementary health coverage, even if a basic reimbursement package is provided by Medicare. Like optical or dental reimbursements, coverage for hospitalization must be verified. Here is what you need to know about hospitalization costs and their coverage by mutual insurance or health insurance.

What is the amount of hospitalization costs that are reimbursed?

Several pathologies or accidents may require hospitalization for you or a member of your family. And the hospital is not free. The amount of a hospital stay varies depending on whether it is a public establishment and contracted or not contracted, depending on the duration and the service. Also, it is better to bear in mind that the coverage is 80% of the conventional rate if you go to a public hospital or to a private clinic under agreement. The share of the mutual is then 20%. It is therefore better to have a good mutual insurance company to be well reimbursed for these costs.

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Hospital package, what is the amount to pay?

A hospital package is provided for in the event of hospitalization in a hospital or clinic. This amount is 20 euros per day in a hospital or clinic and 15 euros for a psychiatric ward. In certain cases, the patient does not have to pay this lump sum, in particular if it concerns hospitalization at the end of a pregnancy or the days following childbirth, in the event of hospitalization of a newborn, an accident at work, etc. or if he has mutual insurance.

Which health insurance to choose for hospitalization?

First of all, it is important to check your complementary health contract to verify that you are well insured. Also, you will need to analyze if you are paying the right price for this health insurance and if you cannot find cheaper elsewhere by comparing. It is possible to save up to 40% on your health insurance in just a few clicks on an online comparator.

What does health insurance cover?

The insurer therefore covers the 20% not covered by health insurance, but also all of the accommodation costs or the hospital package, excess fees or a package in a single room. It is therefore better to analyze the different benefits of insurers to choose the contract best suited to your needs and your budget so that in the event of hospitalization you do not have to worry about the cost.

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