How Claranet makes Microsoft 365 a secure working environment

At a time when Teams has become the collaboration solution of choice in many organizations and where the use of the cloud continues to grow, Claranet offers Microsoft users its expertise and support to secure the data passing through these collaboration tools and to make Microsoft 365 a secure working environment.

The health crisis and the introduction of hybrid work have made Teams the central platform for many organizations. “Teams are at the heart of the M365 system, specifies Matthieu Vany, Microsoft 365 Practice Lead at Claranet. Team-as-a-platform, that’s Microsoft’s watchword. Or how to integrate all the functionalities and services that are useful for the operational needs of the different professions in teams”. And security in all this?

A comprehensive approach to security

“This topic must be addressed from start to finish, emphasizes Basile Hodara, dedicated Cyber ​​​​Security Product Manager at Claranet. From user accounts to the terminals used (all the more so in the era of Bring Your Own Device), via access control, protection of incoming streams (especially e-mails) and data, without forgetting the monitoring of the logs to inject them into a SIEM, which allows the organization to correlate these sources of information and thus be warned in case of threats to provide a appropriate response.” Organizations must be aware that security concerns remain solely on cloud tools or services.

Simplify the issue of IT security

“Microsoft provides a coherent and consistent response to all these issues,” adds Matthieu Vany. But security is a complex subject. “We are there to advise organizations to strengthen their security level by explaining which services to enable among those offered by Microsoft, how to orchestrate them, how to configure them and how to respond during an attack,” continues Basile Hodara. Indeed, many do not have the internal skills to provide this service and respond in the event of an attack. That is why Claranet experts support its clients in the various stages of their projects (audit, consulting, implementation and managed services) by providing key indicators to measure the ROI of a security shield.”

Protect sensitive data

“Our customers are also asking us more and more about the protection of sensitive data in Microsoft 365,” continues the specialist. For example, we tell them that it is possible to create “labels” to qualify this data (public, confidential, highly confidential, etc.) and apply protection parameters based on this classification. Depending on these labels, the possibilities of use will therefore not be the same: impossible to share data outside the organization, impossible to send it by e-mail as an attachment, etc. All of this can be closely tracked through ongoing managed services.

An external backup for more security

Claranet also includes in its managed services outsourced backup solutions for data found in Microsoft 365 (Exchange, OneDrive, Sharepoint, Teams, etc.) with different options in terms of frequency, volume and retention period. “With the proliferation of threats, we can only advise our customers to set up an external backup in addition to the native services found in the Microsoft 365 package”, concludes Matthieu Vany.

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