How do you properly insure your car while on holiday abroad?

How do you properly insure your car while on holiday abroad?

We can assume that a car insured against all risks is insured in France, but also when traveling abroad. But in terms of insurance, it is better not to assume but to be sure about the risks covered by your insurance formula.

How to travel abroad with good insurance

If you want to travel abroad with your own car, you must think about insurance. Because according to the companies, the insurance can work in certain countries, but only at the level of civil liability. And in other countries you are not covered.

Insurance companies like GMF offer specific travel insurance which covers 100% of the return costs in case of an emergency, medical assistance with coverage of medical expenses but also helicopter costs, avocado…A formula adapted to short stays, up to 90 days.

Before departure and if you have planned a trip with your own vehicle, you can, for example, obtain a quote for car insurance from GMF.

First obligation: have the necessary insurance documents.

The green card on the windshield and mandatory to date is also mandatory in other European countries. On the back you can see the countries where the insurance operates. The most popular list includes 44 countries, those in the EU, plus Norway, Iceland, Andorra, Croatia, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

It must be accompanied by the certificate of insurance, which contains all the legal information: name and address of the insurance company, the identification details of the vehicle and the contact details of its owner.

Most insurance companies cover trips to European countries, as well as neighboring countries such as Switzerland. Other destinations are therefore not automatically covered, which will for example be the case if you are planning a road trip to Turkey or a trip to the Maghreb.

Is an international permit necessary?

This type of permit corresponds to the translation of the French permit and not to another permit. It is not essential for travel in Europe and is also accepted in countries such as Switzerland or Liechtenstein for temporary travel. To travel outside Europe, the international permit will therefore be necessary. A simple administrative procedure is enough, and of course requires the validity of the French license. A suspended license will not allow you to get one. This international permit is valid for a period of three years.

In the countries visited, it will be important to respect the traffic laws, taking local characteristics into account. Speed ‚Äč‚Äčlimits differ from country to country, some countries also require the fitting of winter tires such as Switzerland.

What to do in case of an accident when traveling abroad?

If an accident occurs abroad, it will be mandatory to fill in an amicable report, also called a European accident report and valid throughout the EU. The paper report is necessary, the digital report on smartphone is not valid abroad. Outside of Europe, this document can be used, but it will not have the same value in terms of evidence and responsibility for each driver involved.

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