How Elon Musk conquered space with SpaceX

Today’s topic. Twenty years ago, Elon Musk set himself a great challenge: to conquest of space. If the beginning of his private company SpaceX was difficult, this technological boss, who became a multibillionaire after notably reselling PayPal to EBay, quickly established himself as a key player in the space.

‚ÄúSpaceX’s goal is to develop technology that enables life to become multi-planetary and turn humanity into a space civilization. I think it’s very exciting and very inspiring,” declared Elon Musk on his social networks.

Why are we talking about it? How did the major aerospace players react to the arrival of SpaceX? How did Elon Musk manage to make his company essential? What was its beginning?

To analyze. “When Musk decided against all odds to embark on this SpaceX space adventure twenty years ago, it is concretized by a first model called the Falcon. In addition, he calls it the Falcon, as a tribute to Star wars and Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon. At the beginning of the adventure, he has funding, which is certainly important, because he is a millionaire, but in space everything costs very quickly, extraordinarily, expensive for space issues. He knows he only has two or three possible shots ahead of him. In the beginning it’s actually a disaster, the first shots don’t work at all. He doesn’t yet have the know-how to do that,” explains Olivier Lascar, editor-in-chief of the digital department at Science and the future, author of the book Investigating Elon Musk: the man who defies science at Alisio Sciences.

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