How Much Do Former British Prime Ministers Earn?

If Liz Truss accepts her retirement pension, it will surely be one of the most lucrative terms in history for the former British Prime Minister. 49 days in power that set the country on fire and plunged the Conservatives into crisis. Still, she could make a lot of money.

The List Trust left Downing Street humbled but better off. Each head of government is entitled to an allowance equal to 25% of his annual salary, approximately 20,000 euros. There is no minimum time in office to receive this amount, but that is not all. The former prime ministers are entitled to another allowance that can amount to more than 130,000 euros.

“It’s taxpayers’ money during a cost-of-living crisis,” said Labor party leader Keir Starmer. “She should refuse this amount. It would be the right thing to do. She was in office only 44 days before she resigned. She has no real right to it. She should not touch this money”.

But this payment is not automatic. It was introduced in the 1990s for former heads of government who remain active in public life to cover the costs involved. Only two former prime ministers have received the full sum, including Tony Blair. Gordon Brown and David Cameron are close to the ceiling, within a few hundred pounds. Theresa May has only claimed half of that so far. The figure is not yet known to Boris Johnson. However, if she chooses, Liz Truss cannot actually receive anything from this sum.

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