Human Rights Commission | Industrial Alliance showed racial discrimination by denying car insurance to an Abenaki

(Montreal) The Quebec Human Rights and Youth Rights Commission concludes that an Abenaki who was denied a car insurance quote by the Industrial Alliance because he lived on a reserve was the victim of racial discrimination.

Written at 3:20 p.m.

Alexis Wawanoloath, a lawyer and former member of the Parti Québécois, had filed a complaint in October 2018. The Industrial Alliance had refused to present him with a car insurance quote because of his zip code in Odanak, an Abenaki reservation located on the ice from Sorel.

In a decision made last month, the Commission found that Industrial Alliance racially discriminated against Mr. Wawanoloath, a member of the W8banakiak First Nation.

Mr. At a news conference in Montreal on Thursday, Wawanoloath described his long four-year battle to finally get a decision from the Commission. In particular, he pointed out that his complaint had only been closed, in 2020, by an investigator who, according to him, also worked in insurance.

The Commission ultimately ordered the insurance company to pay Mr. Wawanoloath $20,000 in moral and punitive damages.

Industrial Alliance has until November 11 to pay the compensation, failing which the case will be brought before the Quebec Human Rights Tribunal.

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