I ordered a laptop for my daughter from Amazon as a Christmas present only to find something completely different inside

A SHOCKED mum was ‘stunned’ when she went to pack the laptop she had ordered for her daughter, only to find something else inside.

Lizzie Pattison bought what she thought was a laptop in October – only to discover the box was full of cereal instead.

The box contained two boxes of Go Free cornflakesCredit: BBC
Lizzie was furious after Amazon initially refused to refund her for the laptopCredit: BBC

The horrified mum, from Lichfield, Staffordshire, immediately contacted Amazon for a refund but was refused as the 30-day window had expired.

The gift was to help her daughter, Daisy, with her SAT exams next year.

Outraged by her treatment, Lizzie told the BBC: “My biggest worry is that there will be a number of children on Christmas morning opening what their parents think is a tablet or laptop because they didn’t open the box. .”

Amazon finally offered Lizzie and her 10-year-old daughter a refund after the BBC investigated their case.

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The company also offered them £40 worth of gift vouchers for their trouble.

This comes as other Amazon customers have been bitten by the same scam.

Yoshihito Kamogari was “dumped” after what he thought was his “MacBook” laptop arrived.

But when the 20-year-old opened the packaging, he found boxes of Wheetabix instead.

However, after contacting Amazon, Yoshihito said the company responded by freezing his account immediately, instead of refunding his lost savings.

Now he’s worried he’ll have to keep paying for the fraudulent package because he can’t cancel the direct debit while his account is frozen.

An Amazon spokesman said: “We have been made aware and have launched an urgent investigation.”

For more information on what to do if you receive a broken or incorrect item, click here.

The family was eventually reimbursed by Amazon
The family was eventually reimbursed by AmazonCredit: BBC

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