“I was mad and shocked” (video)

A short time ago, Stephanie decided to install a surveillance camera at her front door because she noticed that her packages were regularly searched. This camera works with a motion detector and takes pictures when it detects a presence in front of the house.


At the end of September, the 34-year-old mother finds that the packages she was waiting for have been opened and searched. She then looks at the surveillance footage and stares in horror at one of the delivery men shredding her package. “At first I thought it was the first delivery person, but when I saw the video, I realized it was the second. When I saw the video, I was angry and shocked. We pay for a service and end up with stolen items or packages with holes,” she explains.

of videos

According to Stephanie, the delivery man had already searched the Amazon packages in his truck. Then he looked at what was in the DHL package outside his door. “The Amazon order was split in two. Fortunately, he came across the first part and not the second. In total I had hundreds of euros. In front of the door I had two articles which did not interest him at all. Otherwise I was cooked,” says the mother to our colleagues from RTL info.

Directly refunded

Fortunately, Amazon’s customer service intervened and Stéphanie was reimbursed directly: “When I told them the story, their first reaction was to laugh, they thought it was so stupid of the courier. They then told me they would escalate the issue and refunded me immediately. I was immediately relieved. »


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