I work at ‘the most expensive newsagent in the UK’ – customers travel up to two hours to buy our big ticket items

CUSTOMERS have traveled up to TWO hours for a soft drink from ‘Britain’s most expensive kiosk’, but they’re not complaining.

Controversial corner store Wakefield Wines in West Yorkshire has attracted a lot of attention after selling soft drinks for £20 a bottle.

Millie Hazelgrave bought six bottles of PRIME for £145Credit: TikTok/@wakey_wines01924724141
Corner shop Wakefield Wines in West Yorkshire has gone viral on TikTok for its pricesCredit: Google

The exorbitant price of Prime Hydration created a frenzy on social media among young people after the brand was launched earlier this year by YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul.

Despite retailing at just £2, Millie Hazelgrave, from Castleford, traveled to buy six bottles of PRIME from Wakey Wines, which cost her £145.

Two disappointed players, Danny Booth and David Clempner, left empty-handed after driving all the way from Manchester for the soda, only to be told it had run out.

Other visitors, who appear on the owner’s TikTok account, @wakey_wines01924724141, made the trip from Mansfield and Sheffield.

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The trader states in his videos that people can only buy two bottles at a time.

TikTok users are stunned but amused by the high prices.

One person commented: “Wooooow £1.80 a bottle at Asda and you charge so much.”

Others posted: “Scam”, “Daylight theft” and “Brother officially lost track”.

‘Wakey Wines’ has been contacted for comment.

“I’m the one who thinks there’s been a cost of living crisis,” added a third.

Another corner shop selling PRIME at £15 is a Nisa Local in Worcester.

Trader Ameer Khan said: “No one complained about the price.

“People leave me their phone number so I can tell them we have some in stock.”

One player paid £80 for a case, while another paid £15 to keep a bottle behind the counter so no one else could buy it.

He added that some people came every 10 minutes on a Friday to ask if the bottles had already been delivered, the Worcester News reported.

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But the mania forced Ameer to keep the bottles behind the counter.

And the 21-year-old has even set limits on how much each person can buy, as children flock to his shop to grab the drinks.

These boys were discouraged when they were told that the store had sold out of the popular drink
These boys were discouraged when they were told that the store had sold out of the popular drinkCredit: TikTok/@wakey_wines01924724141

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